Windows 7 updates taking forever

or Downloading updates stuck at %0 percent for a long time.

well i have your fix.

Fresh Install fix:
1. turn windows updates off, or check and notify.
if you don’t you have to reboot between patches.
2. install KB3020369 for your machine (x86 / X64)
3. after installing KB3020369, run task manager and kill any trusted installers taking up more than %20 cpu power.
4. once you verify that no trusted installer is running, download and install KB3172605 (x86 / X64).
5. reboot and your updates should work and downloads operate!

If already updated and stuck:
1. make sure do fix the windows update to off or check and notify.
2. download and install KB3172605 (x86 / X64).
3. reboot and updates should work just fine.