recoton wireless headphones W500 teardown pictures of board

this is pictures of what the board in the headphones looks like!



bFNs September 2017 Blog

Sept 1 2017
temps: hot
BNSF 1466 & ARZC4002 early noise making started @ 4AM and interchange starting @ 6:30AM!
called “emily” and the boom boom stopped just after 7AM! muchas gracias!

Sept 2 2017
temps: hot
BNSF 6874 has the siding when i get home at 7:30PM
left @ 8:15PM

Sept 3 2017
temps: hot
daryl is the new crystal and the torture continues from my bumping BNSF 6833 since 6:30PM!
still ongoing @ 12:14AM!
still going @ 2:20AM!

Sept 4 2017
BNSF 6833 clears out at 2:40AM
now BNSF 1466 is heading for us @ 3AM!
called “ebony” to complain about BNSF 1466 @ 5:45AM
and the noise continues @ 6:30AM interchange as*ho*es!
RCPE 6414 out there also @ 6:40AM…
quiet at 7:10AM, so THANK YOU TRAIN PPL!

so we have BNSF 8127 west (quiet train, loved it) rollin out and BNSF 8275 east rollin in @ 8:30PM…
BNSF 8275 on siding @ 8:37PM!
gonna be a looong night!
BNSF 8275 still there and plenty of noise to boot!
8275 still there @ 12:45AM making plenty of noise!
2nd time i had to call “daryl” aka the new crystal!
called “tina” @ 2AM cause 8275 is still there and making boom boom every 2 min.

Sept 5 2017
temps: humid and hot
BNSF 8275 was gone when i got up @ 6AM, so thank you train ppl.
just after BNSF 8275 has been gone, the interchange ARZC 4004, jerks show up @ 7AM with even more noise!, YEESH!

BNSF 8070 east rolls in to make noise @ 3:20PM
gonna be a long afternoon, i can already see it!

Sept 6 2017
temps: hot
dispatcher: train master acting as JMJ
BNSF 1466 makes another 5AM arrival!
called “emily” twice, one for BNSF 1466, and RCPE /ARZC locomotives showing up @ 5:45AM and doing another morning interchange!
thankx for all the morning NOISE train ppl!

Sept 7 2017
temps: hot
dispatcher: brian
BNSF 1466 takes the siding @ 2:25AM! AGAIN!
drops off 40 empty cars!
dispatcher: train master a******* took over and…
so ARZC 4004 is gonna come get the cars and make more noise this morning!
ARZC4004 shows up @ 5:23AM!
quiet just after 6AM…

BNSF 7258 east takes the siding @ 6:20PM, nice and loud @ 6:30PM
didnt leave till late night!

Sept 8 2017
temps: 92H 73L
dispatcher: CDC – train-master voice
BNSF 1466 has been sitting on the siding since 3AM! thanks BNSF!
one minute he is quiet, another he is loud as fuc*
BNSF 6604 west shows up, good roll-by @ 4:43AM…
called both coomer @ 3AM and 4AM.
called cisco @ 5AM…
ARZC 4004 on his way, should be here in 15-20min. @ 5:24AM
so he is gonna run the interchange now! @ 5:45AM
quiet again just after 6AM… thank you “paige”, AGAIN!

Sept 9 2017
temps: humid
dispatcher: bruce
BNSF 8071 east slated to terrorize us this afternoon into the night… rolls in @ 6:30PM… gone by 9PM…

BNSF 6920 east, was made especially long for castle hot springs siding, slated to roll in during the night! blogged @ 10:10PM just after 8071 east just left over an hour ago.
train master is excessive in his as*hole position!

Sept 10 2017
temps: humid
Ok, so thank you to people on youtube, because they were gonna park a big one next to us last night!
let us see how mr bumpie rolls in tonight to start off the week of noise!

so we have BNSF 6641 east who rolls in @ 2PM and leaves @ 9:15PM! tell me the train master wasn’t watching my videos! KAPPA

Sept 11 2017
temps: 105H 78L
i know BNSF 1466 will be routed out at 3AM, prove me wrong!
i see the RCPE 6414 ARZC locomotives showed up @ 6:30AM to do interchange.
and the 3 locos (BNSF 1466) were still there on the east end of castle when we went to town @ 11AM.

dispatcher: brian
so BNSF 1466 was changed to BNSF 1467 since they have been there all day long! @ 7:40PM

Sept 12 2017
temps: 105H 80L
dispatcher: train master dude CDC

Sept 13 2017
temps: 100H 80L
dispatcher: CDC
my neighbor heard the locos move in @ 4AM
im gonna guess and say BNSF 554!
ARZC /RCPE locos outside @ 6AM
called “brenda” to do my duty!

BNSF 7244 east slated to roll in around 9PM
ok, new dispatch took over @ 9PM and no train yet… @ 9:12PM
BNSF 7244 shows up on the siding @ 10PM, nice and noisy!
i see that “coomer” was working the phone tonight.
looks like BNSF 7244 is there to stay for the night, thanks as*hole train master!

Sept 14 2017
temps: 93H 67L
BNSF 7244 leaves @ 12:30AM, gone by 1AM.
then BNSF 554 shows up @ 3:30AM on the siding!
called to bitch @ 3:45AM, by i was answered by “rachel” the other half to coomer/cisco!
same voice dispatching trains and the voice when i call in to complain, SPOOOKY!
finally got thru to complain- ester @ 4:50AM

looks like we have mr train master on the radio now, oh boy, oh goodie! @ 6:45AM
RCPE 6414 on his way!
noise still in progress @ 8AM!
quiet @ 8:45AM…

dispatcher is train master, CDC
and then BNSF 4965 shows up @ 10:20AM on the siding! mother f*
i see how BNSF 4965 hid his number behind the bushes!
to let BNSF 4216 west to go by! so here comes a 6.6 @ 11AM!
someone want to trim those bushes around where the train parks to make noise? KAPPA

Sept 15 2017
temps: 90H 67L
dispatcher: CDC
i can safely assume BNSF 554 is out there also!
the RCPE / ARZC4001 locomotive moves in @ 5:35AM and goes to milepost 153-154 to start interchange at 5:45AM!
i hear you, ARZC4001 especially when you SLOW down!
i also hear ya when you leave ARZC4001.

BNSF 7941(petronovich) east rolls in at 6:42PM
gone by 8:20PM thank you!

Sept 16 2017
dispatcher: bruce
BNSF 4677 east takes the siding at 7:15PM
leaves around 9PM and the BNSF 4590 east rolls in right behind him.
noise leaves around midnight!

Sept 17 2017
dispatcher ABM!
BNSF 6547 rolls in at 7:28PM and “crystal” workin the hotline!
so the train master hired him another BITCH, dispatcher ABM!

just as 6457 rolled out @ 10:15PM
stop being so short with your crew asshole dispatcher ABM!

i already know BNSF 5151 east is next assHole ABM!

Sept 18 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 554 rolls in early AM and is there now at 6:45AM

BNSF 8171 east rolls in at 3:45PM for a west bound roll-by.
rolled out at 4:30PM

dispatcher : JCS / KH is running these trains like dogs, have more patience dude!
BNSF 8060 east rolls in at 8:33PM
thankx train master for all the wonderful noise going on outside at 8:40PM in no mans land!
i would call and complain, but “crystal” is manning the phones!
looks like a long night!
thanks for all the noise @ 10PM train assholes!

Sept 19 2017
thanks for the 2 am east bound (BNSF 4633?) in the early morning!
dispatcher: KH – this dude is an ASS!
as BNSF 7944 east goes by at 5AM

Sept 20 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 554 shows up @ 6AM and ARZC4001 shows up @ 6:10AM to make noise(interchange) at milepost 154!
ARZC4001 just now finishing a 6.6. idiots! @ 8AM
thank u train master ahole!

dispatcher: RNV
BNSF 5486 east rolls in at 7:20PM
thanks for the 6.6 that goes with 5486, not bad, i can live with that 6.6

wow, gone by 8PM, where was this type of activity 2 years ago.
much appreciated!

Sept 21 2017
BNSF 554 rolls in at 2:45AM, loud and noisy, thank u train master ahole!
called tina for 554 @ 2:50AM.

then BNSF going towards phoenix rolled by @ 5:20AM.
called ester for RPCE @ 5:30AM

Sept 22 2017
BNSF 554 rolls in again @ 2:45AM, thank u dispatcher:CDC
and ARZC4004 slated for early morning terror! 5-6AM interchange?
ARZC 4004 out at 6:40AM..

BNSF 7004 east rolls to the siding @ 7PM…

Sept 23 2017
BNSF 4666 rolls in @ 8PM then out at 9PM

Sept 24 2017
BNSF 8282 east rolled in @8PM!

Sept 25 2017
thanks for BNSF 8282 east all night long, ahole train master!
and the i call “hatter” at 5AM to bitch out the extra train honks from all the trains!
thank you BNSF 7286 west for the extra train honks at 5AM.
and we have BNSF 554 and ARCZ4004 rolling in early again!

BNSF 7286 east rolls in at 8PM
BNSF 7286 out at 9:30PM using intelligent 6.6 backup method =) !

Sept 26 2017
Freedom of Expression take 52
dispatcher: bruce being run like a dog from dick head train master!
BNSF 554 rolls in at 3am and out at 4AM with a shit ton of horn usage at 4AM!
thanks for all the diesel fumes too 554!
thank you penis train master!
oh let me guess, train master dick wants an early morning interchange to show how big of dick he can be, so that i have to call and complain again about ARZC / RCPE loud ass locomotives moving in!
when is “kyle schultz” aka the head bull of arizona, gonna help?
seems like all he does is relay info from youtube to dickhead train master!
don’t forget the head cop around here said not be attached to that property!
sounds like someone is someone elses corporate back pocket!
looks like we have here is a western standoff with train people killin people with noise to take take take!
dispatcher: CDC is on the air!
then BNSF 7405 west takes the siding, which puzzles me, when BNSF 554 dropped his load at 3:30AM
BNSF 7405 is abandoned for crew change at 5:40AM

so CDC calls me the TRACK RAT! OK
track rat belongs to cars FYI dispatcher: CDC !

Sept 27 2017
thanks for the 1:30AM westbound roll through!
BNSF 554 slated for early morning interchange with ARZC /RCPE locos!
Should be here around 5AM…
interchange @ 6:30AM-7AM
RCPE 6434 – 6414 rolls out at 7:20AM

dispatcher: CDC
then BNSF 4887 east rolls onto the siding @ 9AM, sidelined for BNSF 6091(conductor val) west (thanks for all the extra honks)!!!
thank you mike welsh for throwing the switch!!! BNSF 4887 out @ 10:10AM

BNSF 8110 east slated to go bump in the night at 7:20PM!
gone by 8:30PM

Sept 28 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 554 does his morning dump and ARCZ/ RCPE 6434 locomotives come to get it at 6AM
called “paige” to complain about all the damn noise all night long!
once @ 1:30AM, 3:45AM and 6AM!

BNSF 7833 east slated for east side of castle hot springs siding…
updated to mp 140…

BNSF 6550 east slated to come into the “hole” according to dispatcher: ABM
which is referring to castle hot springs siding…
6550 arrives at 4:22PM to meet the west bound for a dance through morristown.

looks like we will have an east bound tie down on the siding tonight!
geee, i wonder who it will be? dispatcher ABM…
BNSF 3797 east slated for night arrival…
BNSF 3797 rolls in at 6:48PM

Sept 29 2017
So we have BNSF 7687 rollin early instead of 554 around 4AM.
and then RCPE6414 rolls in to do interchange for 15 cars at 6:30AM.
Also, RCPE6414 laid on the horn like he was having sex with it!
thanks Aholes!

thank you on no late night ramblers!!!

Sept 30 2017
quiet so far with 1 westbound going through at 5AM…

dispatcher ABM has routed BNSF 4965 east into our zone tonight…
BNSF 4965(4865 as pronounced) shows up at 7:20PM… thomas the tank…
and it was abandoned for crew change!
noise gone by 8:45PM, thank you train ppl

BnsF October 2017 Blog

Oct 1 2017
dispatcher: SSE
BNSF 3914 east rolls in at 6 PM
looks like “crystal” is working the hotline tonight!
its gonna be a long night!
thankx for the diesel fumes!!!
only is NON https and doesn’t send emails saying they got your message!
quiet at last at 9:30PM

Oct 2 2017
ok, noise morning, but it didn’t start till 7:30AM
BNSF 7687 east rolls in and make a ton of noise till 9:30AM.
ARZC 4002 rolls in and when he leaves as ARZC 4000, man did they make a ton of noise!!!

BNSF 7502 east slated to roll in this afternoon…
the sage continues!!!
BNSF 7502 rolls in at 7:45PM

Oct 3 2017
dispatcher CDC
well no interchange at 6AM, thank you
then BNSF 6510 east rolls by at 8:05AM and honks away! is there a honka-athon going on now?

Oct 4 2017
BNSF 6540 has been making noise all night, since 10PM till – 2AM, thank you train master a hole, you get A+ for noise making! thankx for the 6.6 noise too!
sounds like the A&C crew is late, AGAIN.
so when are they gonna fire your ass, oh that’s right they won’t because the pay you to torture US!
and ya wanna know what makes people threaten violence, here is the answer!!!
to train master gerkoff, BASS!

BNSF 2768 rolls in the early AM(4ish) and then RCPE 6414 rolls in at 6AM to make even more noise and train honks excessive!
when will they learn???

Oct 5 2017
dispatcher SSE
BNSF 2768 shows up at 2:30AM and dropped his load at 3AM!
called “melissa” at 3:20AM, totally clueless person!
she didn’t see anything wrong with all the noise at 2-3AM!
is she the NEW “crystal”?

RCPE 6414 slated to interchange at 5:20AM – 6AM
dispatcher CDC
so then train master A-hole puts BNSF 4472 east on to the castle hot spring siding at 8AM!
the noise went away at 9:30AM

BNSF 5366/5266 east rolls in at 9:15PM
called “emily” at 9:30PM to complain about mr toot toot (thomas the tank) being abandoned (aka tied down) at 9:30PM
lets see how this corporation that kills people with noise, governs itself tonight!
dispatcher AM! sounds like an A-hole!

Oct 6 2017
dispatcher: AM – aka 2 letters!
well 5366/5356 was abandoned and still there at 12:30AM! boom boom boom!
BNSF 4420 going by and i still have a abandoned train!
good noisy rollby 4420 at 1:20AM
thanks for the car boom at 2AM BNSF 5366!
ahhh, quiet at 2:16AM
called “emily” 2 times

then BNSF 529 rolls in at 3:15AM
called dispatch and again got rachel, then hatter, and then crystal, then hatter again!!!

Oct 7 2017
thank you for the quiet on a friday night. we neighbors loved the quiet last night.
so thank you!
beautiful usage of the siding this morning, much much better.

Looks like BNSF 8055 (baretable/beartable) east is gonna come disturb the peace this afternoon.
BNSF 8055 e rolls in at 6:20PM…
mr bass leaves at 9PM

Oct 8 2017
BNSF 7759 west went by at 5:30AM

then thomas the tank BNSF 6738 rolls in with his BASS tonight at 9:30PM!
called tina to complain about the late night boom boom!
called “tina” at 9:50 to bitch about all the bass!
6738 didn’ t leave till 3AM. train master A hole syndrome!!!
thank for the horns and the 6.6 at 3AM!!!
thanks for slamming the cars at 3:05AM
and choking on chemtrails to boot

Oct 9 2017
then BNSF 529 east gets its warranty to come make more noise at Castle hot springs this morning.

thanks for the noise from 9PM to 7AM train people and RCPE ARZC, and mcdaniels/kitana!

Oct 10 2017
BNSF 3021/3821 east takes the siding at 9:30PM
called “daryl” at 9:55PM to complain AGAIN!!!
thank you beartable!!!

Oct 11 2017
BNSF 3821 east still out puttin bass at 1AM
as another eastbound BNSF 3785 (northwest bound) rides through at 1:05A
also, thank for the 6.6 at 2AM
thanks for slamming the cars at 2AM BNSF 3821
dispatcher ARL/RNV
engineer seally shows up to get 3821

as BNSF 505 east is slated to rollup at 3am
RCPE 6434 rolls in for the interchange at 6AM

Oct 12 2017
the BNSF 2544 e, mr kitana, rolls in at 2:30AM to make noise!
called “emily” at 2:33AM to complain about you know what and you know who.
let me guess, RCPE 6343 will be in at 6AM to finish making more noise!

BNSF 7641 rolls in at 6:30PM and the noise stops at 9:20PM
thank you “paige”, always good hearing from ya!!!

Oct 13 2017
dispatcher CDC
thank you train people for a good night sleep!
thank you 5AM east bound loco. good rollby.

So BNSF 2544 shows up at 5:40ish and RCPE 6434 show up at 6AM and do their thing till 7AM. so thankx for all the extra train horns!

As BNSF 7924 east rolls to the siding at 8AM
BNSF 4101 west rolls by at 9AM. good rollby

Oct 14 2017
BNSF 6510 east takes the siding at 6PM
6510 out at 8:40PM
BNSF 3883 east rolls in at 9PM
good rollby 3883

Oct 15 2017
BNSF 4083 east rolls to the siding at 2:45PM, out by 3:30PM

BNSF 8205 east moves in at 7PM…

Oct 16 2017
more noise from RCPE and BNSF at 7AM

BNSF 8055 east abandoned at 6:30PM
didn’t leave till the wee hours of the morning.

Oct 17 2017
BNSF 2544 shows up early as usual. ARZC4001 slate to terrorize us with bass and horns at 6:20AM!!!

BNSF 5480 east abandoned for crew change at 6:30PM… out by 9PM

Oct 18 2017
noise ass 1AM rollby by who ever!!!
BNSF 2544 shows up at 2AM to drop off his load and sit at milepost 154 until
RCPE 6434 shows up at 5:45AM to pick it up and make more noise!!!

BNSF 7231 east takes the siding at 7PM.
thanks for the 6.6 A&C crew and 7231 and all the horn usage and slamming the cars!
8:35PM is when it got quiet for now… until 1AM…

Oct 19 2017
dispatcher: CDC
1AM west bound rolls through.
heard mr BNSF 2684 – kitana doosh – roll in 4AMish.
heard your 5AM west bound too.
also have ARZC4004 slated for more morning noise at 6:30AM to 7AM!!!
called “ester” at 6:20AM to complain, AGAIN, self governing huh!

BNSF 8252 (morgan) east takes the siding at 7:30PM

Oct 20 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 2544 and RCPE 6414 did all the morning noise between 4AM and 6:30AM again.
thankx for the noise!

Oct 21 2017
dispatcher: ARL?
you woke me up westbound BNSF 7516 at 5AMish . thankx

BNSF 4463 east rolls in at 5:40PM…
out by 9ish
thanks BNSF 8235 east for the extra honks… at 2AM

Oct 22 2017
thanks for all the night noise.

Oct 23 2017
dispatcher CDC
thanks for the morning interchange at 6AM BNSF 4395 and ARZC 4001 + 4004 at 5:30-7AM
called hotline and guess what “crystal” was manning it!!!
called again, “hatter”

tons of after noon after broadcast traffic.

Oct 24 2017
BNSF 7925 east rolls the siding at 3:20AM…
called and got “rachel”, looks like the TM is trying real hard to piss me off!!!
quieter at 4:50AM…

as BNSF 7475 east rolls in at 7:30PM

Oct 25 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 4643 sits at milepost 154 from 3AM-8AM

Oct 26 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 4395 rolls in at 3AM to milepost 154.
ARZC 4001 slated to terrorize us this morning…
called “paige” and “emily” to complain about 5:30AM bass session.

Bnsf 7165 east rolls in at 7:30PM to do the boom boom and abandoned for crew change!

Oct 27 2017

Oct 28 2017
BNSF 4055 east rolls in at 6PM, beartable BS.
out by 8:30PM, thank u

Oct 29 2017
new dispatcher: DLA ? sounds like ARL
BNSF 6956 east takes the siding at 7:50PM for abandonment…beartable BS

Oct 30 2017
i see the TM hasn’t lost his touch at being an A-hole.
BNSF 554 rolls in at 3:30AM…
let me guess, interchange at 7-8AM today?
called to bitch but “hatter” was workin the hotline.
ARZC 4002 and its breakdown this morning.
dispatcher: SSE

dispatcher: ARL
BNSF 8199 east takes the siding at 8PM…
gone by 9:20PM

Oct 31 2017
BNSF 554 has been pumping his bass since 3:30AM AGAIN, milepost 154.
let me guess, another interchange from the A-holes at 7AM again!
called to complain but got “hatter” again and again.

Then BNSF 5528 east rolls in at 6:30PM for …
out by 9:30PM

BnSf November 2017 Blog

Terror master initials are : ILW, IRL
Thomas the terror tank: TTTT

Nov 1 2017
FNBS 554 rolls in at 3:30AM to siding.
ARZC locos show up at 6:30AM for interchange.
RCPE 6434 rolls in out at 7AM…

FNBS 4643 east rolls to the siding at 8:20AM…
out by 10AM

Nov 2 2017
dispatcher: CDC
interchange #4 of the week
FNBS 554 rolls in at 5:20AM
ARZC 4003 slated for morning noise.

FNBS 3948 east takes the siding at 8AM, looks like another 2 hr bass session.
out by 9AM, thank u train people.

FNBS 4608 east takes the siding at 7:20PM for abandonment for crew change (bear table).
would call and complain, but TM has “daryl” working the line.
LOUD when it left at 9:20PM

Nov 3 2017
let me guess, mr TM is gonna throw an early train on us again, maybe
FNBS 554 in the early AM…
let’s find out.
winner winner chicken dinner, 554 showed up in the early AM.
and the interchange #5 of the week is done at 6-7AM AGAIN.
with the A&C crew at the helm…

FNBS 5182 east rolls in at 3:45PM…
out by 4:10PM.

Nov 4 2017
FNBS 6970 rolls in at 4PM… abandoned for crew change
crystal “man”ing the phones tonight…
out by 8PM, thank you…

Nov 5 2017

Nov 6 2017
FNBS 554 rolls in to milepost 154 at 3:45AM.
then he takes the siding at 6:15AM with more bass to let another train go by.
RCPE 6434/6414 teething to come make noise in the early AM.
thank you dispatcher CDC!!!

then FNBS 7358 east rolls in to disturb(trainmaster asshole syndrome) the peace at 8PM.
thanks for the 6.6 later on!!!
dispatcher: ARL
out by 10:45PM and excess horn usage, especially after 10PM!!!

Nov 7 2017
dispatcher: CDC
FNBS 505 rolls in at 3AM to milepost 154.

then FNBS 6577 east rolls in at 8:20PM for abandon and crew change late tonight / rollby?
dispatcher: ARL
excess horn usage by westbound at 9PM
6577 out by 9:20PM

Nov 8 2017
quiet day overall, a first

Nov 9 2017
dispatcher: ARL
FNBS 7786 e emergency(leaky brake line) took the siding at 4AM.
gone after 30min.
FNBS 505 slated to terrorize us with noise this morning along with the ugly green locomotive.

i would say 5:30AM when he should show up and he did.
still there making noise at 6:30AM
and RCPE 6434 for more noise at 7-8AM
dispatcher: TM

FNBS 6425 east rolls to the siding at 7:15PM
out by 8PM

FNBS 3738 east right behind him, ready to take the switch at 8:45PM and abandoned/crew changed.

Nov 10 2017
dispatcher: JCS
FNBS 505 shows up at 7AM

ARZC 4002-4001 rolls in at 9:30AM.
noise out by 10:30AM

Nov 11 2017
FNBS 7991 east on siding and abandoned/crew change at 7PM

Nov 12 2017
FNBS 6082 east slated to terrorize us with its LONG length and MANY locomotives.
should roll in by 8PM or before.
Leaves at 9:20PM and nice boom from the cars at 9:25PM from the 6.6

Nov 13 2017
let me guess, 505 at 3:30AM
and i was right!!!
dispatcher: CDC
interchange #1 for ARZC 4001 today with 505
noise out by 10AM

FNBS 8011 east takes the siding at 8:20 to be abandoned for a crew change…
and don’t forget the 6.6 late at night!
out by 10:40PM

Nov 14 2017
dispatcher: CDC
FNBS 505 shows up at the same time(3:30AM) at the same place.
ARCZ locos don’t show up till 9:50AM.
Noise was out by 11AM.

dispatcher: SJW

FNBS 3907 rolls in at 7PM
3907 was out there most of the night.

Nov 15 2017
dispatcher: CDC
FNBS 505 and arzc locos will make noise this morning, i would say 7-8:20AMish
thank you for not rolling 505 up to mp 154 at 3AM and idling it for hours on end!
noise out by 8:20AM

FNBS 7837 east to be abandoned for crew change at 7PM
out late at night

Nov 16 2017
Dispatcher: CDC
FNBS 5693 -kitana and ARZC (4) locomotives noise from 6AM-8:30AM
thanks for the interchange #4 on us!

FNBS 7698 takes the siding at 7PM.

Nov 17 2017
dispatcher: AM
FNBS 7698 rolls out at 4:30AM… ASSHOLES with bass!

dispatcher: CDC
then FNBS 1473 rolls in at 5AM–G4
ARZC 4001 slated for more noise at 7-8AM

Nov 18 2017

Nov 19 2017
dispatcher: ILW
BNSF 7011 rolls in for abandonment and crew change at 8PM!
out by 10PM

BNSF 8534 rolls in for a roll by, midnight roll by and out at midnight

Nov 20 2017
BNSF 1473 did roll in early, we been hearing you since before 5AM
RCPE locos set for morning interchange.
RCPE won’t show up till 9:30AM to do interchange, so dude shows up early for NOTHING, but to sit there and make more noise!

BNSF 6196 east takes the siding for ab. / crew change at 7:30PM
another late night from 6196

Nov 21 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 1473 and ARZC 3112 slated to interchange today

Nov 22 2017
dispatcher: CDC
BNSF 1473 morning interchange with ARZC 4001
4001 out by 9:20AM…

BNSF 7997 east rolls in at 9PM for aband. crew change!
out by 10:30PM

Nov 23 2017
BNSF 1473 (rolls in at 4AM) and ARZC 4003 (rolls in at 7AM) tango for interchange on Thanksgiving DAY.

Nov 24 2017

Nov 25 2017
dispatcher: AMM
BNFS 8213 east rolls in at 9PM to let another train by and then…
out by 10PM

Nov 26 2017
too quiet

Nov 27 2017
NBFS 1473 shows up at 4AM to make bass and noise at mp 151.
ARZC 4003 slated for more noise!!!

NBFS 6819 rolls in at 2PM out by 4PM, the BFSN rolls in right behind 6819 when he left.
makes his boom boom till 8:30PM

enjoy the all night youtube stream!

Nov 28 2017
FNBS 1473 rolls in early (5:50AM) to do interchange 2 of the week.

dispatcher: SJW
FNBS 1473 slated to roll in at 9PM…
train noise all night long.

Nov 29 2017
so FNBS 1705 is the new 1473 interchange train today.
due to arrive at 6:20AM and make noise.
noise out by 10:45AM
18+ hours spent listening to train interchanges this week so far!

NBFS 5120 east takes the siding at 6:45PM for aband./crew change…
out by 11PM

Nov 30 2017
i see the train people have a high turnover rate. another person on complaint phone line.
NBFS 8243 east rolls in during the night and out at 4:20AM…

NBFS 1705 slated to make more noise this morning.
Rolls in at 5:45AM AGAIN
noise out by 10 AMish

then FnBS 7057 east takes the siding at 8PM…