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The train noise pollution started back in oct 2013 and just got louder and louder till we had to intervene.

So for the past 4+ years we have been battling BNSF for them to stop
parking their trains out here in Morristown Arizona and letting them idle for hours on end. 6-14 hrs typical, 2+ hrs if we are lucky!

So i started this blog back in october of 2016 after i made a “THREAT VIDEO” on youtube.

Yes, i had BNSF Special Agent Schultz (the Bull) show up and ask me to delete the video and to stop threatening the train; which i complied!

So generally, the train(BNSF loco) noise rolls in @ 2-5AM every week day morning!

They also roll in @ 6:20PM most every afternoon and leave the train abandoned and running while they take off to heavens where!

And this is my life story of being tortured by BNSF and its local RCPE , ARZC and MKULTRA trains too.

ARZC and RCPE locomotives are run by RCPE out of South Dakota and started in 2014 !

this log used to go all the way back to Oct 2016, but i purged it on new years as a sign of good will gesture.

at least i know what a rule 6.6 is, just another way to waste more diesel!

What the hell is a california train crew doing coming to Morristown Arizona to pick up a train?
Smells New WORLD orderish!
Plus ARZC and RCPE locomotives are all the way from South Dakota. What the hell are they doing out here in Arizona?
ANd the company that OWNS them was founded in 2014!

i rate these on a scale of 1 – 10. (1) quietest (10) noisiest

then in: Jan 2017 the noise just got louder and louder and louder…
so i split up the blogs due to wordpress hacking…