nBfs January to July 2017

And then the noise started again after months of quietness in 2016…

Jan 25 2017

temps: 53H 33L
mike welsch (track inspector) ring a bell!
engine #558 rolls in @ around 6:30AM southbound.
then engine #4004 northbound rolls in around 6:50AM
and is still pounding bass at 7:27AM.
1 time a week huh, try 2 days in a row!
quieter at 7:33AM

ole mr bumpy (loco #7637) tried to sneak in at 11PM
called @ 12:30AM (tina) to report locomotive abandoned…
verified @ 12:32AM there is no one at home on the loco.

Jan 26 2017
temps: 53H 34L
woke up to an idling locomotive at 6AM, couldn’t tell which loco it was in the morning.
called (Job) to complain at 6:45AM.
3 days in a row now!
4003 rolled in at 7:30AM.

Jan 27 2017
temps: 53H 33L
5:15AM #4004 shuffle again, complained again to Jones
more noise at 6AM from #ARZC4004

so i stand corrected, it was SD40-2 locos making all the racket!

#558 coming south at 6:20AM

Feb 2 2017
temps: 71H 47L
train loco #6434 (engineer sealey) rolls in to my territory at 6AM on Feb 1 and Feb 2.
called lisa at 7AM to complain again for second day in a row.

mr bumpie #6990 engineer loughland rolled in at 7:45PM

Feb 3 2017
temps: 70H 45L
Loco #ARZC4003 conductor (sealey) rolled in before 6AM and is making his usual loud noise going back and forth.
called lisa to complain for the 3rd day in a row this week!
nice rumble from train (#4003) at 6:46AM on backup!
the lights outside are good enough to see tankers on this jerk!

Feb 4 2017
temps: 73H 45L
mr bumpie conductor seally #8257 rolled in at 7PM and making the usual booming…
train honks at 8:45PM and more noise, no movement…
2nd set of horns at 9PM… excess horn usage!

Feb 5 2017
temps:73H 49L
More noise at 11:20PM by #6698 (hernandez)
continues at 11:35PM…

Feb 6 2017
temps: 67H 50L
#ARZC4003 is the house at 7:45AM
Rolls in and honks 4 times.
and the #558 rolls in also, gonna be a busy day today!

mr bumpie #6698 returned at 9PM…
#7979 east
More noise at 4AM.

Feb 7 2017
temps: 68H 49L
#7279 east

Feb 8 2017
temps: 75H 52L
woke up to #ARZ4002 in the castle hot springs siding at 6:30AM
#558 heading southbound!
called lisa at BNSF at 6:50AM, that is a crap ton of noise before 8:30AM!

#7131 rolls in at 8:30PM
#8131 (engineer shelton) noisy

Feb 9 2017
temps: 80H 55L
ARZ4002 in the house this morning
#558 east at 6:30AM

more bumpies at 5PM by BNSF locos

Feb 10 2017
temps: 80H 57L
558 and 6434 and 4002-4004
thank you paige for gettin the trains out, my head says THANK U!

#4080 sitting for 1 hr making noise.

Feb 11 2017
temps: 73H 54L
5120 west comes in at 6AM southbound to castle hot springs siding.
BNSF 13 dispatch to 6555 west, 3 calls no answer

6585 rolls in at 7PM

Feb 13 2017
temps: 69H 50L
Old #558 roaming around making noise at 7AM.
noise started at 6AM, but i don’t which loco did it.

4344 east

Feb 14 2017
temps: 70H 50L
#2786 in the morning at 5AM… wtf
called cisco at 5:15AM to bitch!

mile post 151 is ours here in Morristown.
called hatter at 6:30AM to complain.
he asked for my address again(not willingly), so lets see what happens.
told hatter that if the engine is gonna be held up for a couple of hrs,
to have the loco turn off or idle down!
they are on a .2% grade, so no reason for the noise!
he gave me the mile post #151, so thank you hatter.
milepost 153-149 is what i heard
engine (messinger)

ARZC4004 coming up the track at 7:45AM

called hatter again at 8:52AM to remind him again of the noise!
ARZC4004 sitting on castle hot springs siding now at 9AM.
wow, what a lot of noise this past 2 mornings!
5 hrs of noise, yeee haw

ARZC4004 moves in again at 10:20AM

i can think again at 10:50AM

Feb 15 2017
temps: 71H 47L
Ok, we got ARZC4004 on the north side and #2786 sittin on the south side of castle hot springs siding this morning.
its gonna be a long wednesday i feel.
Let the torture BEGIN!

k, more boom boom at 8PM from 7931 east.
oh boy, long night.
called rachel 9:20PM to complain about mr bumpie.
called at 10:45PM, same Rachel
more noise at 10:55PM. geez

Feb 16 2017
temps: 71H 50L
the same usual A-holes (2786) roll in at 7:30AM
ARZC4001 also at 7:59AM
quiet at 8:20AM for now…
4 interchanges in 4 days back to back!

8464 East rolls in at 6:50PM, nice and loud!
5757 rolls in at 7:20PM
trying to do an interchange at 10:41PM at night, A-holes!
called nathan at 10:38PM and complained!

Feb 17 2017
temps: 70H 54L
what a night of torture!
wake up to…
5 morning interchanges in 1 week!
6434 and 4003 in da house
8322 roll by, in the house @ 8:40AM

Feb 18 2017
ole mr bumpie starts in at 7:20PM #7502 east
called nathan at 8:10PM to complain…
he was short with me and telling me he was busy!
he bro, i was busy to until i tried to make food and had to listen to your LOUD ASS LOCO #7502

Feb 19 2017
nice and quiet

Feb 20 2017
temps: 64H 48L
More noise from the morning interchange at 6:30AM
ARZC4002 and 542

ok 7115 moved in at 8PM.. same noise
3805 at 8:50PM

Feb 21 2017
temps:73H 53L
ARZC4002 and 4003 back at 6AM to make more noise and do an interchange…
i think they used the horns 25+ times…

Feb 22 2017
temps: 71H 41L
ARZC4002 working (149-153) lower side of castle hot springs annnnnd we got
#542 on the north side of the track at 6AM again!
3rd day in a row for interchanges!
called “ester” at 6:25AM (train people) and complained!

Feb 23 2017
temps:59H 36L
another interchange in the morning by ARZC4001 working in the morning
the noise starts at 6:23AM…
#542 (mr Rodriguez) again

Feb 25 2017
temps: 64H 43L
7559 east moves in at 7:15PM

Feb 27 2017
temps: 55H 47L
ARZC4003 and 542 are both back at 6:30AM to do another interchange out here in Morristown ,AZ

Another mr bumpie rolled in after 1PM, bumpin all afternoon long.
called at 6PM to bitch and complain about it.
7612 east sat all day long idling till 10:30PM

Feb 28 2017
temps: 60H 40L
ole ARZC4004 & (RCP or REZ) 6434 back to make more noise at 7:30AM
#542 interchange interrupted to let a train through.
talk about intelligent scheduling!

Mar 1 2017
temps: 66H 42L
woke up to a**hole ARZC4004 and 542 at 7:30AM
interchange # 3 days in a row!

at 9PM 6685(6605?) rolls in and by, more noise…

Mar 2 2017
temps: 73H 50L
more noise at 6AM.
k, 4001 and 6434 making booming still at 7:50AM
called cisco at 7AM to complain!

Mar 3 2017
temps:77H 51L
ah, the 6AM wake up call…
542 and 4001 still going at it at 7:25AM

Mar 6 2017
temps: 64H 41L
ole mr bumpie shows up at 5:30AM
542 is the loco, drops cars off and out by 5:50AM
more noise at 6:30AM
yeeeee haw
6434 doing interchange #1 of the week
noisy at 6:50AM
torture ended at 7:20AM

rumble rumble from 7120 east at 2:20PM
5259 arrived at 4:42PM
7120 still pounding at 6:30PM!
quiet at 9:45PM

Mar 7 2017
temps: 73H 50L
interchange #2 started at 5:30AM and still going!
6434… and 542…
more noise at 8:30AM from 3904 east..
7321 west moves in at 8:50AM
3904 east was the bumper still at 9:03AM

Mar 8 2017
temps: 81H 53L
ARZC4003 slated for interchange #3 this morning!
542 will be here shortly too.
4003 shows up at 5:40AM.
called cisco at 5:46AM to complain about mr 4003…
also had a midnight ronde vue noise fest tonight.

Mar 9 2017
temps: 84H 54L
good ole wake up and pounding from 4004 and 542… at 7AM…
called lisa to complain

7668 rolls in nice and noisy at 7:45PM
called ester at 9PM to complain about the loco being left abandoned. again
its gonna be another long night of torture…

March 10 2017

temps: 85H 54L

330AM train 7668 wakes everyone up due to an interchange and backing into cars hard!
yes, first time i ever cussed at thew officer for trying to protect their noise machine at 3:30AM!
what else do ya expect being woke up like that!
Fu*Kin as*holes!

542 showed up at 4:50AM
6414 noisy as fuc* doing interchange #5

more noise from 8056 east at 8PM

March 13 2017
temps: 87H 58L
Ok, interchange #1 gets started at 5:40AM by ARZC4003.
called paige to complain.
542 also in the area, confirmed at 6:17AM

8022 rolls in nice and bumpie at 6:25PM
8111 rolls by at 9PM and 8022 is still abandoned.
called tina at 9:30PM to bitch about 8022 still there!

March 14 2017
temps: 89H 57L
good ole 542 sittin on south castle hot springs siding 5:45AM and 6414 inbound at 6:30AM
interchange #2 of the week
peace and quiet at 9:30AM…

mr bumpie rolled in at 6:10PM and was left running at 6:30PM
called tina at 7:38PM to complain about mr bumpie…
the saga continues…
the noise left at 8:45PM

March 15 2017
temps: 88H 59L
7327 at 4:40AM southbound, nice and noisy… but there is another train on the castle hot springs siding before 7327 showed up, and i can hear him load and clear!
called hatter at 4:55AM to complain…
long day ahead…
542 was the culprit, what the hell is 542 making noise in morristown az before 5AM. AS*hole!

6414 slated to terrorize us here this morning to do interchange #3
6414 still annoying us at 7:12AM
6414 still going at it at 2PM, long day eh…
6414 moved finally at 4:20PM

March 16 2017
8001 comes to say hello at 8PM and still is moving out at 8:35PM
Brent and ANC crew, i hear you! conductor smith…

March 17 2017
temps: 88H 60L
looks like 542 and 4001 will be arriving to make noise shortly!
at least i got to sleep in for the past day…
and the noise (interchange #4) begins at 7AM!
4001 southbound…

4587 east (conductor green) shows up at 9:20AM to do some more noise making!
542 (conductor mcdaniel) is still there at 9:30AM

March 18 2017
Much better today

4164 much better!

March 19 2017
temps: 91H 62L
enjoying the last day of peace and quiet before the noise makers show up tonight…

6874 east, conductor smith, rolled in at 8PM…
5200 west rolls by at 10PM!
nice boom from 6874 at 10:20PM
quiet at 10:30PM…

March 20 2017
temps: 89H 57L
woke up to 6434…

more noise from 5087 west and 7141 east at 8PM…
more conductors talking about their guns, since someone threatened to blow they’re ass up πŸ˜‰

March 21 2017
temps: 83H 58L
Oh mr 542 tried to sneak in at 3:45AM, mother fuc***!
plus we had a train go through at 2AM, holy crap, can you be any louder!
called ester at 4AM to complain about Mr 542 playing games early in the morning!

now i got 4002 ready to do interchange at 5AM..
called at 6:30 to lisa. yeesh. its gonna be one of those days!
heart attack city, here i come!

well, never thought they would let me think for too long,
waiting on 3805 east (conductor borrella) to pound on us tonight… starting at 6PM
so here we gooooo…. 6949 west suppost to show up soon!
boom boom from 3805 still at 6:13PM and they are abandoning the loco!
quieter at 6:20PM…

called rachel at 6:30PM to bitch…
1 minute this guy is quiet, 5 min later his is booming away!
6949 showed up at 6:36PM
boom room still at 7PM
still booming at 7:45PM

called coomer at 7:50PM, train is still alone…
still booming at 8:22PM
3805 door code 455 8:51Pm doosh shows up, 2 door entry codes!
the noise continues…
rasquel? enough honks at 9:30PM

March 22 2017
temps: 78H 58L
oh nice and noisy all morning long. plus we have the firetrucks out playing noise maker too.
6949 approaching at 8:27AM
looks like he is just rollin by, yessss…..
no horn? whaaa, weird.
6949 was the quietest rollby i’ve ever seen / heard at 8:35AM

March 23 2017
temps: 67H 47L
more noise in the morning from 6414 at 4:30AM – 5:45AM…
called (lisa) to complain at 5:30AM
what is wrong with this outfit. 4 am and you have to work?
isn’t that breaking noise laws?
6414 still out at 6:15AM…

Called hatter at 6:50AM to again complain about the booming from RCPE6414.
hatter (who always cracks me up) corrected me and said to use the Phoenix Sub Division Milepost 151 from now on πŸ˜‰

i should also notate that these trains look like oreo cookies going by… :p
8119 west rolls by at 7AM… now thats BNSF trains there, orange oreo cookies
interchange #4? all this at 7:15AM

what quiet at 7:30AM, so it ain’t so…

thank u hatter!

7326 east shows up at 7:40PM to pump his BASS!!!
called coomer at 7:50PM to complain!
7326 still beating his drums at 8:30PM
7326 still beating his drums until 9:20PM…
4266 conductor ralph east shows up right behind 7326 who left at 9:45PM…
quieter at 10PM…

March 24 2017
temps: 75H 57L
Looks like another interchange #4 starting early again by RCPE6434…
bnsf 542 is also gonna be here!

6434 has arrived at 6:20AM!
excess horns usage at 6:25AM by 6434
and more booming and noise at 6:55AM

7588 east sittin tight (i hear you) over at the north end (milepost 149) of the switch at 7:55AM…

March 25 2017
temps: 79H 50L
look who shows up… 7194 east shows up at 7PM…

called nathan at 8:24PM to complain about mr bumpie 7194…
quiet at 9:30PM…

March 27 2017
temps: 76H 49L (firewatch)
interchange #1 of the week started at 6AM.
6414 is here and pounding away at 6:15AM and excess horn usage at after 6AM!

6949 shows up at 9:15PM… for a crew change out in the middle of no where!

March 28 2017
temps: 77H 49L (firewatch)
i think mr 6949 stayed all night long to torture me.
heard him all night long…
we shall see who he is when he leaves…
ARZC4004 arrived at 7:20AM..
interchange #2 and i bet 542 is the other train sittin there…

March 29 2017
temps: 83H 53L
mr 5329 east comes in at 5:30AM…
i hear you…
2 penalties trip alarm on 5329 and another train rolling in at 6AM
busy day here…
7159 west rolled through…
dispatcher is brain dead today!
ARZC4004 is slated for interchange #3 at 6AM…
nice loud horns a**hole 5329!
542 rollin in front of me at 7:15AM
hell of a noisy morning

more noise at 6:20PM by mr bumpie… 6655 east rolled in
abandoned also… at 6:30PM…
called rachel at 6:35PM to report mr BUMPY…
2nd called to rachel at 9:15PM…
6655 cleared at 9:20PM!
6.6 means full forward and full back. as*holes!

March 30 2017
temps: 82H 49L
Oh mr fuc*in 542 rolls in at 5:30AM, AS*holes!
called cisco at 5:50AM to complain about all the noise, except the trash truck going by before 6AM…
interchange #4 started at 5:30AM…
4003 in the zone too
8119 in the house before 8AM
6975 rolls up at 9AM…

quieter at 9:20AM

March 31 2017
temps: 65H 49L
it was quiet for the most part today until 8:45PM when mr bumpie 9127? (loud sucker) showed up…
call at 8:55PM to tina to complain and as soon as i got off the phone he moved out… what are the odds…
i would never had called if i knew he was just gonna be there for 15 min.

April 1 2017
temps: 74H 49L
ok, so “hot swing” is where were at at 5:45PM by 4857(4057) east
4857 dispatch out at 8:30PM…

April 2 2017
temps: 80H 53L
ok, so more noise this morning too…

April 3 2017
temps: 79H 48L
more noise at before 5AM by… 542…
the saga continues.. and ARZC4004 is gonna be here too!
can’t wait to stream this torture round!

called mike at 7AM after 2hrs of torture to complain about interchange #1 of the week and also discuss the speed restriction here on mile marker 149-153.
don’t slow the trains down coming through here.
i heard your 3:20AM train also As*holes

jamie called to apologize at 7:30AM

ok, mr bumpy rolled in at 7PM… who he is unknown.. no radio at all from this guy yet… at 7:11PM
i give him credit, alot quieter than most… but i still see and hear you…
normally i would stream this train, but the weather is looking bad… at 7:20PM.
8354 east, abandoned again at 7:23PM…

whenever we have bad weather, these guys are always on that “castle hot swings ” siding!
i smell conspiracy!
i also found out lena kent knows of my torture… hmmmm
makes me wonder…

quick hustle to 8354 especially with bad man made weather outside… BNSF dispatch 13…
7118 approaches at 8:10PM…
7118 still out there at 8:50PM

April 4 2017
well the as*holes (RCPE 6414) returned at 5AM, mother fuc****
542 rolling in at 5:15AM so i bet ARZC (4001-4004) is the other noise maker.

called cisco at 5:40AM to complain about all the noise…
heard the boom at 5:54AM as*holes!
interchange #2?

April 5 2017
temps: 81H 48L
ok, more noise at 5:30AM and more to come…
6584 east and we have 5120 west rolling in at 6AM.
fuc*ing as*holes!
called cisco at 6AM to complain about all the damn noise before 8:30AM…
interchange #3
YUP verified…
542 and RCPE6414 coming in also, feels like a gangbang going on!
6821 west by at 8:45AM
6584 east still here at 8:50AM…
542 still here at 9:30AM…
its all Gary’s fault, he has to pay a for a new truck…
542 still here at 10AM

7665 east arrived at 7PM
nice and bumpy at 7:10PM from 7665 east.
engineer Karr?
called nathan at 7:18PM to complain AGAIN…
oh they are gonna drop and run, can ya be any louder!
called tina at 8:23PM to complain AGAIN!
just like kyle said.
called nathan at 9:36PM AGAIN
4156(4160?) west here also, geez
can u give us a fuc*in break!

April 6 2017
temps: 86H 58L
ARZC4004 and 542 gonna do interchange #4 of the week
542 in the house when i woke up at 6:30AM

4156 east shows up at 6:15PM
4156 left at 9:30PM

April 7 2017
temps: 87H 56L
542 shows up at 4:20AM
called cisco at 5:54AM to complain about all the fuc&in noise!
interchange #5 of the week
RCPE6414 also here
very interesting train-bang that went on this morning till 10:30AM…
7278 showed up at 9:10PM

called nathan at 10PM to gripe

April 8 2017
temps: 82H 51L
they must have gotten a new horn, cause i sure heard them testing it at 7AM west bound train…
finished my brittney spears album

April 10 2017
temps: 80H 51L
quiet all day thank u train people.

let’s start a new album justin beeber…

and then 3815 east shows up at 7PM
conductor potranavich
as 7467 west rolls through at 7:10PM
i assume 3815 has been abandoned like the rest… @ 8:15PM
called ester at 8:20PM to report in…

April 11 2017
temps: 84H 54L
woke up to a train, now i know who it is…
552 takes the siding here at castle hot springs at 5:36AM
called cisco at 5:52AM to do bitch!

April 12 2017
temps: 88H 58L
552 is slated to be here in less than 1 hr…
552 is here @ 5:45AM
so 552 and ARZC4004 are still here at 10:43AM…

ok 6949 has shown up to do his noise making at 6:45PM
called nathan at 7:30PM to bitch about the abandoned and running 6949

April 13 2017
temps: 88H 56L
ok, woke up again to another train sitting on the castle hot springs siding again…

6434 is also here too at 7AM…

April 14 2017
woke up to 552 at the castle hot springs switch today… at 6:10AM

called hatter at 6:35AM to inquire about the repeat noise from 552 / 542 always showing up in the early AM… he also suggest Abba as the new album for new week
ARZC4002 still here at 11:36AM…

6593 east shows up at 7PM, 30 mins late…
5247 west here too

April 16 2017
ok, 7069 came through at 4AM and 5056 came to sit on the side switch and pound on our heads at 5AM…
called hatter (hatter was being his typical as*hole!) to bitch at 5AM!

5056 finally gets a crew at 8:30AM…

5664 shows up at 6:20PM..
6508 west here too
called nathan at 7:20PM to bitch…
the saga continues!
5664 conductor smith huh…
nice boom action at 8:30PM… 5664

April 17 2017
temps: 88H 59L
552 slated to be here this morning to do another interchange #1 on a monday…
ARZC4004 also gonna be here too!

552 rolled in at 5AM, mother fuc*ers, called mike to complain!

quieter at 6:30AM…
until… 7650 is still here and 552 at 6:45AM

i’m ready @ 6:45PM…
bryan or brian dispatcher is the one behind these routings!…
ok 6631 east will be here shortly (to be abandoned?) @ 7PM…
6631 arrives at the southeast end of the switch out @ 7:25PM…
parked @ 7:35PM , abandoned @ 8PM…

called nathan @ 8:25PM to complain about the “left alone loco” out there
nathan also asked how many of these trains moved after i called, and i said mostly none of them.
i’d like to correct that and say at least 15% of the time i call the trains move out with 1 hr.
most just keep at it…
now this train was ready for me to complain, what’s that tell ya….
6693 was right behind it too.
it didn’t leave till after 10:45PM…

April 18 2017
temps: 89H 59L
looks like another repeat of yesterday, got a toot toot at 4:30AM sitting over at the siding
looks like interchange #2
waiting on what to do next…
BNSF DS 13 is on the radio at 4:51AM, whaaaa?
552 was the one that showed up at 4:30AM
552 (engineer messenger), told to take siding @ 5:20AM
ARZC4001 slated for arrival…
ARZC4001 still here along with 552 @ 9:40AM
both cleared around 10:10AM…

6560 showed up at 12:45PM to release some cars…
borella is the conductor on this one… leaves at 1:08PM…

April 19 2017
temps: 87H 56L
552 shows up @ 4:20AM to castle hot springs siding…
also found out the late night dispatch person is bruce…
how ironic…
552 leaves 54 cars here on the siding, ok, i’m hip with that. now get your noise maker out of here @ 4:42AM

ARZC4001 shows up at 6:40AM to do interchange #3
6542 slated to show up also…
called “mike” @ 7:10AM to complain, AGAIN…
6542 west showed up @ 7:40AM

ok, mr bumpy (3767 east ANC) showed up @8:50PM
excess horn usage from 3767 @ 9:05PM!
ok, much better @ 9:13PM…a

April 20 2017
temps: 88H 57L
ok , more early noise by the train people 5AM.
@ 6AM i got up and saw this…
interchange #4

so you can see them(BNSF) as they are!
ah, 552 is the noise maker @6:09AM
6434 arriving @6:23AM
so we got 552 and 6434 here @ 6:45AM…

April 21 2017
temps: 90H 60L
552 showed up @ 3:50AM
reversed switch@ 3:54AM
called “lisa” @4AM to complain, AGAIN about 552 / 542 early arrivals!
ARZC4004 slated to be here too, woohoo friday is right!
so we have ARZC4004(fedorco) and 552 still here @ 6:20AM
still here @ 7AM… still here @ 7:33AM

April 22 2017
temps: 93H 60L
only 7186 boomed for 6 straight hrs before i called it in. 6 HOURS

April 23 2017
temps: 97H 59L
7132 east with 10 locos moved in @4:15PM.
called “tina” @ 4:50PM to complain about 10 idling locos…. on a sunday!

got talk to “nathan” @7PM, kept him on phone for almost 10 mins. thank you.
it was nice to have someone to talk to this late in the afternoon in no mans land…

7132 east didn’t leave till 1:20AM

April 24 2017
temps: 88H 57L
552 and 4003 showed up @ 6AM.. to start interchange #1 of the week
4003 gone @ 6:30AM

7128 west arrived @ 7:28PM and went through…
7004 west comes in @ 8PM

bryan DS13 is an a**hole, treating these people(engineers /conductors) like kids @ 8:10PM , and we know they are but be nice brian. where is Hal 9000?

April 25 2017
temps: 83H 53L (fire weather warning)7926 showed up @5AM again. and RCPE6414 is gonna be here soon to terrorize us with low frequency on a tuesday morning!
interchange #2 starts @ 5:45AM…

quiet @ 11AM for now…

7958 east rolled in @ 6:30PM
bryan is a d**sh!
7958 is still here @ 8PM…

April 26 2017
temps: 87H 58L
7926 (doug mcdaniels) rolled in @4AM to drop off a load of cars.

RCPE6414 and 7860 will be our next noise makers…

8358 arrives @ 8:15PM to castle hot springs siding…
4112 also gonna be here too

April 27 2017
temps: 89H 59L (fire warning also)
7926 shows up @ 3AM
interchange #4 starts @ 3AM
6414 gonna be here soon also

April 28 2017
temps: 80H 49L (wind and fire advisory)
RCPE 6434 rolls in @4:45AM, i am awake now, thanks as*holes!
called “paige” to complain about the morning start of interchange #5
525 is here also @ 5AM since 525 broke down…
552 here @ 6:25AM
525 is fixed @ 8:20AM

May 1 2017
temps: 90H 61L
552 returns to make noise starting @ 5AM…
interchange #1 of the week starts @ 5:45AM..
called “paige” @ 5:45AM to complain, AGAIN
ARZC4004(4002) slated to arrive soon

6992 and 6906 show up @ 7:30PM nice and noisy, big train too!
6992 is the one i hear @ 7:45PM

May 2 2017
temps: 93H 65L
552 shows up @ 6:30AM
interchange #2 starts @ 6:30AM
quiet @ 10:10AM

6607 east shows up @ 7PM…
5 locos and boy are they loud…
called “coomer” @ 7:20PM to complain about another abandoned locomotive, AGAIN…

train gone by 9PM, thank you “coomer”!

May 3 2017
temps: 95H 66L
552 slated to show up soon @5AM.
i can already hear it now…
ARZC4004 coming to do the interchange at castle after 7AM…
quieter @ 8:20AM

May 4 2017
temps: 98H 68L
528 rolls in @ 4AM, nice and noisy as usual. he is gonna play the quiet for 1 minute and noisy for the next 5 mins.
called “lisa” @ 4:20AM to complain… AGAIN, and AGAIN and AGAIN…
srry lisa, gave you wrong loco #
Nothing happened and noise is still going @ 5AM…
Z train time and more noise from 528 (same batch from 552,542)
interchange #4 ?
ARZC4001 shows up @ 8:25AM to start interchange…

May 5 2017
temps: 101H 67L
Thank you train people for leaving us alone this friday morning.
much much better.

May 6 2017
temps:87H 67L
the day was nice until mr bumpie(6847 east) rolled in @ 9:30PM for a crew change in no mans land!

May 7 2017
temps: 73H 58L
nice and quiet till 7544 east showed up @ 7:30PM…
i like how he tried to hide from the camera view…
think you use your horns enough there 7544…
nice boom from 7544 @9PM

May 8 2017
temps: 76H 50L
more trains on the way to make noise here @ 5AM…
interchange #1 starts @ 5:35AM and ARZC4001 arrives…
called 18008325452 to complain about all the noise @ 6:50AM but the line was
quieter @ 7AM… until…
ARZC4001 still here @ 7:10AM, jeez louise…

7359 east(nice and noisy) engineer valdez rolls in @ 7:30PM..
7359 clearing out @ 9:30PM…

May 9 2017
3891 (conductor gonzalez) show up @ 6AM to do interchange #2 before 8:30AM… AGAIN
RCPE6414 coming to the party also…
RCPE6414 still here @ 9:40AM…

ok, more noise starting @ 7PM from 6813 east(6 locos)…
and it’s going to be left… AGAIN
6813 didn’t clear out till 10:30PM

May 10 2017
temps: 74H 54L
wake up to the same noise in the morning as always…

interchange #3 started @ 7:20AM.. by 6414…
6414 nice and loud @ 7:40AM…

no afternoon noise, so thank you!

May 11 2017
temps: 87H 63L
woke up to 3891 rolling in @ 5:30AM…
interchange #4 of the week starts @ 7AM with ARZC4004 coming to the party…
ARZC 4004 was here all the way to 10AM making noise as usual…
quieter @ 10:10AM..

6PM when long train (4292 east) rolled in
left @ 10PM. YEESH…

May 12 2017
temps: 93H 64L
3891(west) was also here too
RCPE6414 (fedorko) slated to terrorize us this morning!
6414 arrived @ 7AM…
interchange #5 of the week!
6414 gone @ 8:45AM

May 13 2017
temps: 96H 60L
quiet until 7:45PM when 3891 east tried to slide in like a snake πŸ˜‰
quiet @ 9:20PM..

more noise @ 1AM by 4205 east (in the side switch)…
and 5222 (engineer laughlan, conductor kelly) west also!
called “tina” @ 1:30AM to complain about all the noise!

May 14 2017
temps: 86H 56L
ok, so trains all night long, got maybe 3 hrs sleep.

May 15 2017
temps: 78H 51L
ok, another early morning awakening…
6662 east shows up @ 4:30AM, fuc*in as*holes!
called “lisa” @ 4:40AM, nice long talk, found out that DS13 is coming from Texas!
interchange #1 starts @ … 6AM
ARZC4004 will be here this morning too, oh goodie!
4004 here @ 6AM…

ok, big thank you lisa, because i can think again… @ 8AM

7503 east rolls in @ 6:15PM…
called “coomer” @ 7:30PM to complain about Mr Bumpie…
quieter @ 9:30PM
until ANOTHER loco moved in @ 10PM, F-N-A
noisy as FUC* @ 10:15PM…

5832 noise also till midnight.

may 16 2017
temps: 75H 53L
6662 shows up @ 4AM AGAIN.
called “hatter” to bitch, good quick conversation too.
let him know about the CONTINUED NOISE, not that anyone cares!
interchange #2 of the week starts @ 6AM… with ARZC4001!
6662 still here @ 7:35AM…

May 17 2017
temps: 80H 56L
528 west shows up @ 3:45AM… for what? sounded like a drop and run.
called “paige” @ 4:10AM to complain, reasonably
ARZC4001 coming to play
interchange #3
quieter @ 7:20AM..

4122 east slated to terrorize us soon @ 6:40PM…
emailed BNSF contact us to complain about 4122 @ 8PM…
4122 clear @ 9:20PM…

May 18 2017
temps: 82H 54L
RCPE 6434 shows up @ 5:30AM to sit on the side switch and make noise…
528 was here this morning too
interchange #4
ok, they both were gone @ 6:30AM…

6506 east shows up @ 6PM…
5408 west slides by @ 6:50PM…
6506 left @ 9:10PM

May 19 2017
temps: 85H 60L
RCPE6434 back to make more noise @ 6AM…
called “paige” (nice conversation too) @ 6:15 AM to complain…
528 was out there earlier, but i did not hear him at all, so good job…

ok, 8368 east slated to terrorize us to let an westbound (mathie) go through… how much noise is he gonna make…

8368 shows up @ 7:30PM…
7565 here also…
quiet @ 8:30PM…

May 20 2017
temps: 91H 64L
another train (6962 west) comes by @ 5AM to honk and make as much noise as possible.

7565 east shows up @ 7PM (conductor perez)
7565 clear @ 9:20PM

May 21 2017
temps: 96H 63L
quiet all day and then 7249 east(conductor smith) pulls in @ 10PM…

May 22 2017
temps: 100H 69L
7208 east shows up @ 5AM… AGAIN
ARZC4001 coming here too

quieter @ 7:15AM

4247 west and 7241 east show up @ 9PM
7241 east, i can hear you @ 9:30PM…

May 23 2017
temps: 102H 72L
7208 showed up @ 3:30AM…
ARZC4001 slated to make noise here shortly.. @ 6AM.

more noise making by 5254 east @ 7:30PM…
long train, 12+ locos, yeesh
5254 clears @ 9:30PM and then 7687 east shows up right behind him @ 10PM…

May 24 2017
temps: 102H 68L
528 shows up @ 4:20AM
called “cisco” @ 4:35AM to complain, AGAIN about 528 early arrivals!
the # has been routed…

RCPE6434 slated to terrorize us early this morning @ 6-7AM… AGAIN

May 25 2017
temps: 95H 64L
ok, more RCPE6434 action this morning @ 5:30AM…
528 will be here later to do interchange #4 of the week.

ok, more noise @ 6PM by 7578 (9 locos) east and 7249 west, but now were stuck listening to 7578 for God knows how long….

conductor fedorko shows up @ 9PM to ride 7578 outta here…

May 26 2017
temps: 88H 61L
so, 528 makes another 4AM run on us this early morning!
and we got ARZC4004 making his way in too @ 7AM…

ok, more noise from 7249 east and 7060 west making a Ron-de-vue here in morristown,az @ 10PM, nice and noisy!

May 27 2017
temps: 92H 65L
they ran trains all night long and all they could talk about was the fires going up north. idiots!

ok, more noise from 7102 east @ 6:30PM…
7102 left at 9:30PM and then they ran another locomotive @midnight and another @ 5AM AGAIN on a sunday! f#ck*in as*holes!

May 28 2017
temps: 97H 67L
nothing but trains noise ALL NIGHT LONG!

well they got the broken trailers out @ 2PM, good job in the heat guys…

8287 east rolls in @ 6:15PM…

May 30 2017
temps: 97H 67L
505 west shows up @ 5AM…
RCPE6434 shows up @ 6AM!

then 4275 east shows up @ 7:30PM… nice and noisy
and then more noise @ midnight by 6953 east, and 7993 west!

May 31 2017
temps: 95H 67L
more 505 showing up @ 5AM!
as i had suspected, so i called and complained, got “cisco” again.
i think the phone system @ BNSF is auto routing me to a single person!
filed complain form on bnsf.com also!
ARZC4004 also here @ 7:20AM

June 1 2017
temps: 93H 66L
More 505 and ARZC4004 action @ 7AM today!

June 2 2017
temps: 98H 71L
more 505 @ 4:30AM!
and ARZC4004 coming too, arrives @ 6:40AM

June 3 & 4 2017
have been quieter days…

June 5 2017
temps: 103H 73L
705, huh and 6414 we both here earlin in the morning

June 6 2017
temps: 103H 72L
more 705 and ARZC4004 action today…

5157 east shows up @ 7PM
gone by 9PM πŸ˜‰

June 7 2017
temps: 102H 70L
more noise from 705, and 702 @ 4:40AM
called “lisa” @ 5:10AM to complain, AGAIN!

June 8 2017
temps: 102H 72L
more 705 @ 4AM… AGAIN
called “lisa” @ 4:15AM to complain AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN!

7344 shows up @ 7:50PM, nice and noisy!
gone @ 9:50PM πŸ˜‰

June 9 2017
temps: 100H 68L
dispatch: brian
moe 705 action in the early morning.

(7966,7566?) east slate to terrorize us tonight!
7966 shows up at 6:30PM, sits for 1 hour and then takes the side switch to let another train (7492 west) go by.

June 10 2017
temps: 96H 68L
dispatch: brian
just more noise from 3976 west as he takes the siding @ 7:30AM to let 3903 east go by @ 8AM!

ok, 9:15PM here, and 7986 east is slated to come terrorize us tonight.
i expect them to abandon the loco for crew change as we wait for the ANC crew to show up…

7986 shows up @ 9:40PM…
(engineer sealy) takes over…
wow, i’m in AWE, no 6.6, no side switch. wow, where was this “crew changing” 2 years ago?

June 11 2017
temps: 92H 63L
ok, so quiet so far.
its pretty sad that you have to live a life listening and defending yourself.

we had a train @ 11:15PM making a bunch of noise!

June 12 2017
temps: 87H 57L
more 705 action @ 4AM as he sits on milepost 149!
RCPE6414 slated to terrorize us this morning!

7465 east (7 locos) shows up @ 7:30PM, lets see how long the terror is gonna be tonight from these trains!
dispatch BRIAN…
i did recon and wow, it was worth it πŸ˜‰
8343 west goes by @ 8:20PM…
complain electronically @ 7:45PM when i confirmed the train abandoned!
so the train people call their own people with blocked numbers, i wonder who that could be?
quieter @ 9:40PM… until

June 13 2017
temps: 93H 63L
more noise from ARZC4001 and 705 this morning @ 6:30AM.
BNSF 705 did his usual morning drop off!
quieter @ 7:20AM, for now….

June 14 2017
temps: 100H 67L
More noise from locomotive BNSF 705 west (conductor kitana/kidana) @ 3:20AM.
called “matt coomer” to bitch, and he said there was NOTHING that could be done about it!
also filed a e-complaint!
go figure, that’s why i’m bitch you ah*ole!

which i apologized to coomer @ 9:30PM when i had to complain about 7837 east abandoned @ 6:40PM… ANC crew won’t be out till midnight to get this abandoned loco!
dispatcher Brian fyi

June 15 2017
temps: 104H 71L
just more early morning action from 705!
and we got ARZC4004 here @ 7AM…

June 16 2017
temps: 106H 71L
Moe 705 action @ 6AM along with 5545?

June 17 2017
temps: 106H 74L
dispatch brian
just more noise as usual, i’m just glad no one has used that siding, yet, thank fully!

ok, just nice and loud noise from BNSF 5399(abandoned) east which has been out pumping its bass since 7PM

June 19 2017
temps: 116H 83L
Ok, 705 wasn’t here this morning, so thank u train people.
but, 705 and ARZC4004 will be here this morning to make their usual noise!
705 here @ 6:20AM (conductor kintana, engineer messinger).
interchange #1 starts @ 7AM!

so to top this day off, 4349 east with 7680 east behind him, shows up @ 7:20PM and bangs away till 10PM!
and i did electronically complain @ 8PM!

June 20 2017
temps: 116H 84L (we hit 121 this day)
ok, BNSF 705 shows up @ 5AM AGAIN!
called “emily” to complain @ 5:15AM! AGAIN
RCPE6414 shows up @ 7:15AM to start interchange!

June 21 2017
temps: 114H 81L
ok, so BNSF 705 shows up @ 4AM and sits @ milepost 153, so what gives?

June 22 2017
temps: 110H 79L
BNSF 705 makes another drop and run @ 5AM!

June 23 2017
temps: 119H 83L
dispatcher “A.M.”
BNSF 705 makes another early arrival @ 3:30AM, i’m awake thanks to you AS*holes!
529 east shows up @ 5AM…

June 24 2017
temps: 116H 85L
much better

June 25 2017
temps: 111H 80L
ok, so BNSF 558 starts off in beardsley @ 6:30AM, let’s see what happens today!
suppose to be another hot and humid day, oh goodie

so, BNSF 4274 shows up @6:20PM abandoned @ castle hot springs siding @ 6:30PM
called and reported to “crystal” aka rachel @ 7PM!
synchronicity or what!
i knew these mother f*ckers had not givin up!
the power of BNSF, i think it’s time for this corporate ship to sink!
can i get any help here?

we need smaller Burlington Northern Sante Fe subsidiaries!
So, from what i can gather, which is alot, RACHEL, CISCO are my terror components!
They are they ones i hear every time call in and complain about abandoned trains, along with Brian the dispatcher!
Welcome to the CIA in RAILROADS! Time to flush them out!

June 26 2017
temps: 110H 78L
More train early morning action @ 3:30AM!
but the siding is empty @ 5:30AM, yeah!
ARZC4004 to show up
dispatcher, JMJ
BNSF 705 is out there (milepost 153-154)! all this time! since 3:30AM!
quiet @ last @ 9:15AM
so i had to listen to locomotive noise for 5 and a half hours today!

8PM: ok, 3837 east slated to be abandoned until the ANC crew shows up, oh boy!
9:30PM: they were fast, so thank you!

June 27 2017
temps: 107H 73L
just more noise @ 3AM!
so BNSF 7638 east was there from 3AM to 8:30AM!

BNSF 3863 east slow rolled or crew changed on us @ 12:15AM

June 28 2017
temps: 104H 73L
ok, more BNSF 705 @ 5AM AGAIN.
Its like these assholes get the pleasure of torturing people early in the morning and think that this will continue. think again!
and the 6:30AM interchanges, come on mother fuc*ers!

ok called “ester” to complain AGAIN about the morning interchange @ 5AM
RCPE6434 was the BASS maker @ 5AM
RCPE6434 sure was laying on the Horn this morning @ 5:56AM, asshole!

June 29 2017
temps: 104H 71L
ok, ARZC4004 rolls in to do interchange @ 5AM, who else is out there i don’t know yet!
i called “paige” @ 5AM AGAIN to complain! gave you wrong loco # “paige”.
it was ARZC4004 today which i weird, cause RCPE6434 was here yesterday @ same time!

June 30 2017
temps: 105H 75L
5:22AM ok, RCPE6434 and 8152 east are gonna be my morning noise makers!
6AM, the noise makers are here!

5428 east (engineer laughlan) rolls in nice and noisy @ 4PM… oh boy, its gonna be one of those days

July 1 2017
temps: 109H 73L
7:20PM ok, quiet all day and then BNSF 8039(conductor kahn) east shows up, lets see how long this one is gonna stay!
8039 was abandoned all the way to 10PM!

July 2 2017
temps: 107H 76L
ready for another day of noise from these people!

July 3 2017
Ok, mother f*ckers! 3926 east (conductor abbott) shows up @ 4AM, 11 locomotives including BNSF 705!
called “emily” and had to hang up because she put me on hold.
so then i switched phones and called back again and guess what, i got “esther”!
anywho, called and complained AGAIN!

with ARZC4004 showing up @ 6:20AM for interchange #1
all this action starting @ 4AM!

8291 east abandoned @ 6:30PM
called “nathan” @ 7:40PM to complain about mr toot toot abandoned and running!
nathan, that train didn’t leave till 9:45PM, fyi…

July 4 2017
temps: 108H 79L
dispatcher: JMJ aka the kunt
oh , boy BNSF 558 shows up @ 5AM AGAIN!
called “cisco” this morning to bitch AGAIN!
ARZC4002 crew is gonna be here too, HAPPY fu%king 4th!

July 5 2017
temps: 117H 83L
Ok, BNSF 558 shows up @ 3:20AM!
called “tina” @ 3:30AM to complain AGAIN!

i tried my best to sleep through the interchange @ 6:30AM

July 6 2017
temps: 110H 83L
dispatcher Brian, aka the A**HOLE!
BNSF 558 (conductor kintana, engineer messinger) slated to terrorize us @ 4AM!
Instead, 558 stayed on milepost 153 @ 4AM and has been there all morning long.
so ARZC4004 slated to terrorize us with noise (interchange) @ 6:30ish
dispatcher: ?
BNSF 558 takes the siding @ 6:10AM!
it is now 7:30AM and 558 is still on the siding doing nothing!
so what the hell is 558 doing showing up @ 4AM when nothing happens till 6:30 – 7:30AM?
ok, so interchange started at 8:30AM and lasted 1 hr. quieter @ 9:30AM for now…

6:15 PM, BNSF 7531 east takes the siding and abandoned! AGAIN
12 locomotives! morgan ring a bell!
called “tina” twice, once at 6:30PM to tell her the train was abandoned
and at 7:30PM!
called “nathan” at 8:30PM, good conversation!

ok, 9PM dispatcher A.M. tells BNSF 7531 east he can go!
ANC crew showed up early, YEAH!
from the looks of it, looks like BNSF 7531 wants to hang, engineer seally and conductor raskon!
3+ hrs of torture from 7531 today!

4547 (conductor perez) east is next @ 10PM…
takes the siding @ 10:30PM and called and complained to “nathan” again about BNSF 4547 east on the siding @ 10:30PM!
WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE, BNSF is terrorism at it’s finest! who needs the CIA, or the FBI when u got BNSF! the whole torture package all in 1
dipshit dispatcher A.M.!
and 4547 needs a relief crew, what a f-in joke!

July 7 2017
temps: 112H 85L
BNSF 558 shows up at milepost 153 at 5AM
dispatcher J.S.C.
sounds like jamie on dispatch…
interchange started @ 6:30AM with RCPE 6414 showing up!

July 8 2017
temps: 115H 95L
dispatcher: S.F.E. don’t know them
6:45PM ok, bad weather and more trains slated to terrorize us tonight!
7:50Pm 6705 east takes the siding.
ANC crew shows up at 9PM to pick up 6705 and i have to listen to a fuc*in 6.6!
train 6705 is gone or at least on its 6.6 at 10:10PM!

July 10 2017
temps: 113H 95L
ok, we had BNSF 5542 roll in on Sunday night @ 6PM and didn’t leave until “Raskon” showed up @ 4AM to make a ton of noise and excess horn honks! thanks AS*holes!

called “coomer” and “crystal” yesterday with NO RESULTS, JUST TORTURE!
Nice crew changE!
Kan’t wait till the interchange gets started! @ 6:20AM!

so here we go! @ 6:20AM…

8:30AM, the interchange starts, i can live with this!
RCPE 6434 and BNSF 558 have at it!

dispatcher: brian
8PM 7930 east moves in to let a west/east bound go by!z
k, talk is that they are having van shuttle problems and delays, oh boy!
they want to abandon it!
file complaint @ 8:20PM electronically because i can hear the brake compressors through the storm noise!
trust me, this train is gonna be there ALL night long bumping away!

July 11 2017
temps: 103H 80L
just more noise @ 1:20AM by all the train traffic!
and 558 came in @ 4AM to drop off 84 cars! thanks BNSF 558!
so were gonna have RCPE 6434 and BNSF 558 doing an interchange today? at what time, who knows!

July 12 2017
temps: 104H 80L
once again, without fail we have BNSF 558 showing up @ 4AM AGAIN!
called and complained @ 4:30AM to “ester”
messinger and kitana are my trouble makers!
trains didn’t clear till 9:30AM, so yeah!

dispatcher: AMM
BNSF 4609 east show up at 7:35PM! here we go!

July 13 2017
temps: 105H 80L
BNSF 558 rolls in at 2:30AM after BNSF 4609 leaves at 10:30PM
Called “tina” @ 3:20AM to complain AGAIN, and AGAIN, and AGAIN!

July 14 2017
temps: 110H 85L
BNSF 558 rolls in @ 3AM, so i do my duty and call and complain AGAIN… “rachel”
nothing happens and i have to listen to 558 all the way till 6:10AM
when i have to call and complain AGAIN, to “tina” this time @ 5:15AM…
7861 shows up @ 8:30AM and he stop half way down the siding…

July 15 2017
temps: 105H 81L
much quieter this morning, yeah, break from all the interchanges this past week has taken its toll…

July 16 2017
temps: 101H 75L
ok, BNSF 6821 moves in at 5PM and nice and noisy, just like the rest!
here is your current accuweather image:

just wait…

July 18 2017
temps: 98H 79L
BNSF 4296 east rolls in at 3:30AM AGAIN on milepost 153…
this is the same engineer/conductor as every other time!
ARZC4002 does the interchange @ 7-8AM

BNSF 5326 shows up @ midnight with lots of noise!
dispatcher KBM

July 19 2017
temps: 98H 79L
BNSF 4296 and RCPE6414 due to do interchange in the early AM!
RCPE 6414 shows up @ 6:15AM… lots of LPG tankers inbound!

ok, BNSF 6657 east slated to rollin @ 7:30ish…

July 20 2017
temps: 98H 79L
dispatcher: Brian
BNSF 4296 shows up @ 2:15AM
called “crystal” @ 2:30AM to complain about 4296.
called “rachel” @ 3:30AM to complain about 4296 still running!
called “ester” @ 4:30AM to complain about 4296 still booming away, i can hear it!
called “emily” @ 6AM to complain AGAIN about 4296 making noise!
and ARCZ4004 shows up at 6:20AM to make even more noise!

July 21 2017
temps 99H 81H
BNSF 4296 and RCPE 6414 do their nice and noisy interchange @ 6AM

July 23 2017
temps: 96H 77L
dispatcher: bryan
BNSF 4296 shows up @ 4:30AM today, LOVELY!
Engineer “Kitana” is crusing for a brusing!
called “paige” @ 4:45AM to complain about BNSF 4296!

July 24 2017
temps: 86H 76L and humid to boot!
So BNSF 7881 shows up nice and early, without fail, i heard him since 5AM!
dispatcher SSE, new dispatch person today!
so we have ARZC 4004 showing up to do interchange with BNSF 7881 east at 6AM-7AM…

so bryan as dispatch is gonna roll BNSF 8147 east into our territory @ 7:30PM!
and BNSF 8147 is sitting right in front of me @ 7:25PM…
so my guess is i get to listen to the brake compressor go off for the next 2 hrs…
ANC crew shows and takes 8147 out at 9PM!

July 25 2017
temps: 96H 78L
BNSF 7881 (Kitana) showed up 4:30AM and dropped his load
called “emily” then “ester” to complain about 7881 in the early AM!
so then BNSF 7522 rolls in from the NW and is sitting on milepost 148 @ 5:20AM
yeah, so much noise today!

July 26 2017
temps: 100H 81L
dispatcher AMM
BNSF 7881 makes another early arrival and now we have to listen to ARZC4004 make a shit ton of noise this morning from 6AM-8AM!

BNSF 5183 east rolls in @ 4PM nice and noisy!
gone by 4:30PM, ok, next one!

BNSF 7517 (10 locos) shows up @ 7:45PM, oh boy…
called “crystal” @ 8:30PM to complain AGAIN
7517 gone @ 9:30PM.

see some of these locos can be abandoned for crew change for 4-6hrs, so i call all locos in because of such!

July 27 2017
temps: 104H 82L
ok, so no 6AM interchange, thank YOU, but the interchange will be later at 7-7:30AM which is way more tolerable!

BNSF 3990 east shows at 7PM!
when i went over at midnight, there were people on that train and it still there.

July 29 2017
temps: 101H 76L
BNSF 4344 east shows up to do the normal low frequency pounding @ 6:45PM
here is your current accuweather image:

conductor seally shows up @ 10:15PM to pick up the abandoned locomotive and i get to listen to another 6.6 for another 30 mins. what as*******!

July 30 2017
temps: 95H 79L
oh more noise @ 3:30AM when some train drove by nice and NOISY!

ok, long day, but good ole BNSF 8259 rolled in at around 6ish.
had to work on brakes on car while it sang low frequency at me all the way to 9PM…
quiet for now, but i know the noise makers will be back with more noise, early in the AM…

July 31 2017
temps: 100H 82:
I told ya they would be back bright and early to torture me, and they DID!
Oh the noise started @ 4AM and BNSF 505 has made another morning return @ 5AM…

Officially called a “hamroid” by brian @ dispatch 13. thank you, that’s a compliment and i accept it! @ 9PM